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Pierre Denjean and his true passion for music led to the creation of a company specialised in the development of sound and lighting solutions: HIT MUSIC.

Since its creation in 1991, HIT MUSIC has become a major player in the French market and is now ready for exportations. After 31 years of experience, more than 1,000 customers trusted the expertise of the HIT MUSIC team.

Initially, HIT MUSIC was a simple retailer. It then developed its own brands and knew a quick growth thanks to a meticulous product selection and a constant adaptation to the market.  We now offer you more than 1000 references throughout our catalogue.

Our commitments

The search for innovation

“Building on innovation to ensure the future” is the motto of HIT MUSIC, who works every day to provide its customers with reliable and innovative products while maintaining a good value for money.

An efficient customer service

More than selling equipment, HIT MUSIC also guarantees that you will be supported by a skilled team. If you are a retailer and already have your own customer service, we will provide you with qualified technical support and our spare parts remain available even for former products.

A responsive logistics

Thanks to its innovative logistics based on the internalisation of stock, HIT MUSIC promises an immediate availability of its products and fast deliveries.

Our values

Our success is based on values ​​initiated by Pierre Denjean and shared daily by the thirty people working at HIT MUSIC.

Passion for the job

The HIT MUSIC team is guided by a common passion: music and beautiful products. Our team cares about customer satisfaction and we want to do our job as best as we can.

Feedback from the field

We know that human contact and listening to your needs are key values, and we work hard every day to create a relationship of trust with our customers.


The internal organisation of HIT MUSIC is of great rigour. Sharp IT tools have been developed so that each task is understood, monitored and carried out precisely. Our technical-salesmen are continuously connected to our ERP, our customers benefit from a dedicated web interface and orders are shipped with traceable barcodes.


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Our Brands

Logo JBSYSTEMS Hit Music


AUDIOPHONY, is the first brand developed by HIT MUSIC. It specializes in sound solutions. Audiophony offers a wide range of products for multiple uses: installations in public places, entertainment for DJs, mobile sound systems for institutions or sound solutions for orchestras, nightclubs and bars.

Audiophony PA.

The “Commercial Audio” name takes on a new dimension for AUDIOPHONY PA.
Faithful sound reproduction is one of the main criteria along with aesthetics and discretion. With the “Commercial Audio” range, you will have a commercial means of broadcasting in shops, bars, public areas, etc.


The new music reference. SYNQ offers an alternative with their speaker series built in Europe and designed in Belgium, by having the brand technical teams collaborate with music professionals. Results are impressive and full with hope for the future, all the more so since an amplifier series is available to perfectly complete these speakers.


A brand for professionals and installations. BRITEQ is an ever-growing brand with a wide and rich range of professional lighting solutions, many references in Europe, well-supplied networks and prestigious installations. BRITEQ also offers a very powerful architectural lighting series.


Since 1999, the original CONTEST brand has been offering conventional projectors with some essential features and accessories.

Contest Commercial Lighting

With the commercial lighting range, Contest studies and proposes creative and innovative solutions adapted to the needs of professionals. This range is dedicated to the enhancement of public spaces, restaurants, hotels, bars, offices, etc…

Contest Dynamic Lighting

The best of LED tape. A complete range that is dynamic, digital and programmable, for all surfaces and spaces. Whether indoors or outdoors, we highlight your volumes!


When it comes to decoration, demonstration stands, or very demanding entertainment structures, the immense CONTESTAGE stands and trusses range offers endless possibilities.
Our solutions meet the highest requirements in terms of load, finish and product quality, and will perfectly adapt to both professional and private use.

JB Systems

JB SYSTEMS has been active for more than 30 years. It was born in Belgium and accompanied many DJs throughout their carrier. Nowadays, they provide quality sound and lighting solutions at affordable prices. This includes a vast choice for beginners, but also to create professional animations and installations anywhere.


The brand HILEC was born in 2018.
It includes a wide range of cables and accessories for professional or standard sound and light solutions. HILEC also offers a range of connectors and spare parts.

Our Catalogue

2020 Version. 304 pages.

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Becoming Distributor

Whether you are reseller, distributor, installer, service provider … Get the products with added value, improve your margins, enjoy “shelter” brands with high potential and contribute to the establishment and development of HIT MUSIC brands.

A privileged relationship, an efficient after sales service and access to a dedicated interface (inventory, orders, invoices, sales offers …) are awaiting you.

NB : Subject to approval after reviewing your file.

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